At the beginning of this project, RN entered into an agreement with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning about how and when RN would expend a Victorian Government $1 million grant. 

This required us to meet milestones by allotted dates to receive funding in stages. 

Due to some delays and changed circumstances as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, as well as varied requirements, this agreement has needed to be changed to fit the new project trajectory. 

DELWP acknowledged the hurdles face by RN and has agreed to support us in those changes and has offered:  

  • More time to meet the changed requirements of the project 
  • A restructured funding agreement to better account for the base costs regardless of the farm size 
  • Practical support in the form of consultancy work to aid in the technical side of the project. 

This agreement includes a construction completion date of October 2022, when construction will be finished and the farm will be ready to open. 

This updated agreement is now being finalised and will enable the project to continue through the next steps 

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