I’m Interested

Renewable Newstead is currently working with its partner, Flow Power, to deliver an electricity offer that gives you the opportunity to buy 100% green, local, renewable electricity. This deal will be called the Retail Offer.

Register your interest in the Retail Offer by filling out the form on this page. Renewable Newstead volunteers will confirm (by email) that they have your expression of interest. Expressing interest in the retail offer doesn’t commit you to anything, it just means that you will be directly informed of the final pricing and the solar deal that you will be able to sign up to. 

By completing this form, you are consenting to Renewable Newstead giving your contact details to its partner, Flow Power so, as the solar farm project gets closer to completion, Flow Power can contact you with further details about the electricity offer.

Even when Flow Power contact you, you are not bound in any way to accept their electricity offer. Flow Power’s privacy policy can be found at here.